Manisha Bharani Recipes

Hello, Namaste my name is Manisha Bharani.

I am a chef from India with 24 years of experience. I started my career as a computer programmer but after my son was born, he was my priority.

I chose to be around him and enjoy his childhood. That is when I decided to stay home, take care of him and alongside pursue my hobby, i.e. cooking.

I first started up with a small trial-based class with a batch of 50 students where I taught them to make 30 different flavors of homemade ice-creams.

I believe this is where my destiny wanted to take me. The Ice-cream class gave me immense confidence and motivated me to take more such classes.

I have a student base of more than 900 thousand which include Chefs, Professionals, students, Caterers, Shop Owners & even Housewives.

I am sharing all my creations, ideas & many more things in my channel. I believe that even if you don’t have expensive tools than also you can decorate your cakes very beautifully.

As because creative person is not required too many tools or appliances. I shall teach you teach you step by step right from A-Z for all my recipes So, that you can make everything with ease.

Soon after that, a Computer Programmer became a Chef.